Club Representative Job Description

BASIC FUNCTION:  Under the direction of the Reps Coordinator, act as liaison between CWGA and the member Club’s Governing Board, members and staff.


Arrange dates for CWGA events at your club
  • Member clubs are requested to offer their course once every two years for one-day events, not including Team Matches. The Tournament Planner will contact you in the summer or fall for the following year.
  • Check the CWGA Handbook and Website (Tournament Schedule) in the spring to make sure the information about an event at your club is correct.

Changes in membership

  • Notify the CWGA Treasurer and the Reps Coordinator of any changes in membership.
  • Report to the Treasurer any member who has changed her club membership.  A woman affiliated with any CWGA member club who is eligible to participate in golfing activities at her club without payment of additional green fees may become an individual member upon application and payment of dues, providing her index meets the requirements for membership and play, as determined by the executive committee.
  • Post a notice at your club to the effect that any member who resigns should notify the Club Rep as well as the CWGA Treasurer.
  • The CWGA Treasurer can be reached at

New members

  • Continue to review your club membership for those new members whose index meets the CWGA requirement and inform them about CWGA.  The best way to familiarize a potential new member is to introduce them to, our website.  Application information is available on the website.
  • Reps will be notified when a member joins CWGA.  It is then the reps responsibility to welcome the new member, answer questions and promote participation in events.

Team matches

  • Form the teams for the CWGA Interclub Team Matches
  • Select a Team Captain (preferably the Rep).
  • Working with the CWGA Team Cup Coordinator, obtain dates for matches at your club (three to four dates will be required, depending upon one or two teams)


  • To promote participation in CWGA tournaments by posting schedules at your club and maintaining regular communication (email) which can include CWGA updates and notice of upcoming events.
  • Notify the Reps Coordinator of any changes in the rep position at your club.
  • Attend annual Reps meeting or send a representative

Coordinate with your Club manager

  • Reconfirm date.
  • Arrange for coffee and tea in the morning and lunch following play.  (The cost and arrangements for food service should have been confirmed with the Tournament Site Planner the previous December.)
  • The One-Day Coordinator will notify you about number of players expected. 
  • Be clear with your club as to the total per player cost for the event!

Coordinate with the Pro:

  • Be certain that the golf course is clearly marked, especially directions to the next hole.
  • If necessary ask for volunteers to act as spotters.
  • Know the location of EMS aid.


  • The Tournament Official will require a table for registration.  Arrange for lunch for the official.
  • Tips: CWGA tips as an organization, but each player that day is obligated to tip the bag boys and locker room attendant if one is present.
  • Direct players to locker rooms, pro shop and registration table.


  • Must be available for Annual Meeting or send an alternate.
  • Must have time to negotiate CWGA dates with your club as early as possible
  • Must be a strong supporter and advocate of CWGA

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