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Code of Conduct

CWGA provides golf activities to promote and teach golf and develop life values of integrity, honesty and competitive spirit. We take pride in the quality of our players, spectators and host facilities. In order to make our events enjoyable for everyone we require good conduct and proper sportsmanship by players and spectators at all tournaments and events.

Code of Conduct

  • Use decent language, display a good attitude, and show proper behavior.
  • Respect and care for the golf course, other people and their property.
  • Do not use any type of tobacco, alcohol or drugs (unless by prescription).
  • Use the proper containers for trash.

One-stroke penalty for each act of unsportsmanlike behavior on the golf course. Any Code of Conduct violation will result in a written letter to the player and his or her parent/guardian and disqualification of the player from the next tournament for which he or she has been accepted.

The Junior Committee may assess any or all of the preceding penalties based on the severity and frequency of the violation(s).

Dress Code

CWGA tournaments take place at private clubs that require dress codes.  Juniors and adults are required to dress properly.Hats/visors must be worn with the brim forward.

  • Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times.
  • Fashion shirts without a collar are acceptable at some clubs but must have sleeves.
  • Shorts must be no more than 5" above the knee and must have a finished hem.
  • Prohibited Dress: Tank tops, t-shirts, short short, denim, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans.

Courtesy & Etiquette

  Always –

  • Count all strokes.  Cheating is not tolerated.  A whiff counts as one stroke.
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.

  On the Tee –

  • Know the ball you are playing and identify it with a special marking.

  In the Sand –

  • Enter and leave the sand bunkers from the low side.
  • Rake smooth when you are finished playing.

  On the Green -

  • Place your clubs on the side of the green nearest the next tee.
  • Repair your ball mark and one other.
  • Place a ball marker right behind your ball.
  • Walk to your ball and putt without stepping or standing on anyone else's line of putt.

Pace of Play

Pace of play will vary depending on the nature, length and difficulty of the golf course.

  • Players should get to their balls and play without delay.
  • Keep up with the group in front of you.
  • If a ball is lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, play a provisional ball.
  • Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to play though as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.
  • Leave the putting green quickly when the hole has been completed.
  • If a hole is open in front of you and the group behind you is waiting, let the group behind you play through.

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