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April 2016 Newsletter

May Tournament Results:

Opening Mixer - May 3rd at Old Lyme

The opening day tournament was cancelled due to inclement weather. All players were refunded their entry fee.

Summer Special - May 23rd at CC of Farmington

A great day on the links, a big thanks goes out to The Country Club of Farmington and our CWGA rep Diann Weinke.

1st Gross: M.Large/D.Busse/J.Briggs/T.Perry  152     
1st Net: J.
Karabin/S.Buczek/L.Strang/M.E.Rosenberry   123
2nd Gross: J.Sennett/A.Malone/K.Horner/S.Glasspiegel   155
2nd net: F.Morris/M.Larkin/P.Giuliano/G.Vescovi   128
3rd Gross: D.Tranquilli/D.Wienke/R.Bickerstaff/M.Callahan   157
3rd Net: P.Wargo/B.Maclean/M.Fino/B.Ajello   130

17th Hole at Country Club of Farmington

Reminder: scores are posted for all players in CWGA events unless otherwise noted.

A Frequently Asked Question:

Why have I been put on the wait list for a tournament?

It is often necessary for the one-day tournament coordinators (Janet and Sharon) to begin a wait list prior to the actual closing date of a tournament in order to assure complete groupings, particularly in team competitions.  If and when the coordinator has the numbers to complete a group, those wait listed members will then be entered into the tournament.  Often there are situations where a player must withdraw from a tournament in an emergency at which time the wait-list player will be given the opportunity to enter the tournament. Therefore,  DO NOT let the wait-list status deter you from registering for that tournament.  Your credit card will not be charged until you are actually entered.  We encourage members who wish to play in a tournament sign-up without delay.

Upcoming Tournaments In June:

June 7 -10  CWGA Championship at Redding Country Club

Open to all members with an HI (Handicap Index) of 23.5 or lower

Format:  Stroke Play Qualifier to Match Play

  • Day 1: 18-hole Stroke Play Qualifier
    • The low 16 advance to match play in the Championship Flight
    • The next lowest 16 advance to match play in the Founders' Cup Flight
  • Day 2: 1st and 2nd Round 18-hole Match Play,  in Flights
  • Day 3:  Semi-Final Round 18-hole Match Play, in Flights
  • Day 4: Final Round Matches
    • 36- hole Match Play in Championship Flight
    • 18 - hole Match Play in Founders' Cup Flight

June 2     CT - RI Matches at Hartford Golf Club - The team has been selected, good luck to our CT team  in their upcoming matches.

  • Players must have a handicap index of 14.4 or lower
  • Format:  four-ball match as well as a singles match for the CT-RI Cup
  • Sixteen players plus two alternates are selected according to handicap by the CWGA Team Captain

June 21     Best Ball of 2, in flights at Madison Country Club - 1:00 PM shotgun

  • Best Ball of 2, gross and net.  Register as a 2-player team

Revision to Best Ball of Two in Flights:

Per USGA Handicap System recommendation, members of a side may not differ more than eight strokes.  A side with a large difference has an advantage over a side with a small Course Handicap difference.   If a difference of more than eight strokes cannot be avoided, it is suggested than an additional 10 percent reduction be applied to the Course Handicap of each member of the advantaged side. Example:  Player A has a Course Handicap of 5, her partner has a Course Handicap of 20.  At 95% percent (handicap allowance for better ball competition) Player A receives 5 strokes (5 X 95%=4.75, rounded to 5) and Player B receives 19 strokes (20 X 95%= 19).  There is more than an 8 stroke difference between partners (19-5=14).  Therefore, both players would be reduced by an additional 10% based on the rounded Course Handicap. Player A receives 5 strokes (5 x 10% = .5; 5 - .5 = 4.5, rounded to 5 ) and Player B receives 17 strokes (19 X 10 % = 1.9; 19 – 1.9 = 17.1, rounded to 17). Strokes are taken as assigned on the players’ respective stroke allocation.

June 18 - 19  Hartford Women's Open - Goodwin & Keney Park Golf Courses

  • Open to both amateur of professional women
  • Handicap Index 15.0 or less
  • Stroke play competition with no cut
  • For more information

June 27     Individual Stroke Play in Flights at Suffield Country Club

  • Format-Individual stroke play in flights
  • Enter as a single player, you may select up to 3 other players to create your foursome

June 28-30     NEWGA Championship at The Country Club of VT (VT Host)

  • New England Women's Golf Association - Five state competition (Maine/VT/NH/RI/CT)
  • Handicap limit is 17.4 as of revision date June 1
  • Total Field of 108 players for 36 holes
  • Day 3 - Cut to low 70 players
  • Register online, all entrants wait listed until team is selected


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