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CWGA YearbookS

To view, click on the yearbook link. No need to buy it when you get to the Shutterfly site, just wait a few seconds to load, then click on "Full screen" in top left corner above the picture of the yearbook if you're on a laptop, or manually enlarge the picture with your fingers on your iPad. Then use the arrows to navigate through the book on your laptop or the pause and play buttons on you iPad.

2023 Yearbook          2022 Yearbook         2021 Yearbook

2020 Yearbook           2019 Yearbook           2018 Yearbook 

2017 Yearbook            2016 Yearbook           2015 Yearbook

2014 Yearbook            2013 Yearbook           2012 Yearbook 

2011 Yearbook

100th Anniversary Slideshow

(click on image to view)

Nutmeg Golfer

This publication has been discontinued but you can view past issues here:

 Past Issues
 2018    Spring
 2017  Fall  Spring
 2016  Fall  Spring
 2015  Fall  Spring
 2014  Fall  Spring
 2013  Fall  Spring
 2012  Fall  Spring
 2011  Fall  Spring

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