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August / September 2017 Newsletter

It's hard to believe that the summer golf season is coming to an end! 

Although the weather seems to be changing there is still plenty of fall golf to be played! 


September 27th  Medallion Tournament at Brownson CC

  • The Medallion Tournament consists of 2 CWGA players from the same member club, a 'gross' player and a 'net' player as partners. A member club is not limited in the number of teams it can send.
  • 9:00 am shotgun
  • Entries Close September 19th

October 3-5th  Endicott Cup & Tri State Matches at Potowamut GC, Warwick RI

  • Open to players with 17.0 or lower handicap index as of 9/15, with at least 10 CT scores posted in 2017
  • Entries Close September 15th

October 10th  Presidents' Cup at Black Hall CC

October 19th  Closing Day Mixer / Annual Meeting Heritage Village CC

  • 10:00 am Meeting
  • 12:00pm Shotgun
  • Tournament format 18 Hole Step-Aside Scramble by Draw
  • Entries close October 11th


August 9th  Stableford Ridgewood CC

Congratulations to :

Flight 1
1st Priscilla Wargo  37
2nd Jean Sennett  33
3rd Kathy Baker  31

Flight 2
1st Donna Harris  38
2nd Anne Trinklein  33
3rd Diane Rothwell  32

Flight 3
1st Gayle Vescovi  33
2nd Gilda Pavech  31
3rd Susan Rathgeber  29

August 17th  47th Tournament of Champions at Silvermine CC

Congratulations to :

Gross (Championship ) Flight
1st Jen Holland, Lyman Orchard GC  77
2nd Mercedese Large, Wampanoag CC  80
3rd Debbie Johnson, Oronoque CC  80

Net (Marcia Dolan) Flight
1st Judy Staknis, Black Hall CC  69
2nd Donna Harris, Farmington Woods CC  72
3rd Jo Rasmussen, Great River GC  74

August 21st  2 Player Scramble at Wampanoag CC

(the solar eclipse occurred after tournament play concluded...)

Congratulations to :

Flight 1
M. Macmillan/M. Schreck
S. Harris/S. Papa
M. Large/R. Bickerstaff

Flight 2
L. Kroll/L. Craw
C. Ahern/A. Ahern
A. Rosenfield/S. Rosenbluth

Flight 3
D. Palmer/J.Frink
J. Corroon/L. Groher
D. Boynton/M. Rosenberry

August 28th Best Ball of 2 in Flights at the Course at Yale

Congratulations to :

Flight 1
1st Gross  Kielly/Kroll
2nd Gross  Foster/Curran
1st Net  Zannetto/Funk
2nd Net  Papa/Cheyne

Flight 2
1st Gross  Crotty/Forshaw
2nd Gross  Mordas/Sorey
1st Net  Mitchell/Harris
2nd Net  Wiedmann/Palmer

Flight 3
1st Gross  Weinke/Boynton
2nd Gross  Leblanc/Lugar
1st Net  Huidekoper/Nightingale
2nd Net  Nappi/Drouin 


Clarification of some common rules:

How to Drop the Ball

After determining the nearest point of relief, you may stand outside the drop area, no closer to the hole, and extend your hand to the side dropping the ball from shoulder height. The ball may roll up to two (2) club lengths no closer to the hole. If the ball rolls farther than that, you must re-drop. If, after dropping two times, the ball continues to roll past two (2) club lengths, you must place the ball where it first struck a part of the course when dropped.

Lost Ball or Out-of-Bounds

After looking for a maximum of five (5) minutes, you must go back to where the shot was originally played from and replay, incurring a stroke and distance penalty.

Casual Water

Find the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole where neither you or your ball lie in the water that can be seen without pressing your feet up and down. You may then drop your ball--see how to drop the ball above--within one (1) club length from that point, no nearer to the hole at no penalty.


Chits have been emailed to all tournament winners. Please make sure is in your contacts/address book. Chits are void after November 15th and pro shops must redeem them by November 30th. If you wish to donate your chit to the Priscilla Maxwell Endicott Scholarship Fund send an email to Patti Cheyne, CWGA Treasurer, at

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