Membership Renewal

  • The regular membership renewal is open and extends until May 1st. During this period dues are $70.
  • After May 1 dues are $80, which includes a $10 late fee. 
  • Until you have submitted your online renewal you will not be eligible to register for tournaments.
  • Members renewing after May 1st may not receive a Membership Handbook.


Renewal Should Be Done Online - click the button below to get started:
(note that our new Golf Genius Tournament site works best if you are using either of these browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.)


Renew Online

You will be directed to the Golf Genius Tournament Registration site where online renewal takes place. As this is a new system this year, you will first have to register as a new user in Golf Genius, then renew your membership. Instructions will be available on each screen as you move through the process. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

If you need help with the online renewal, click here to see some screenshots of the registration and renewal process. Or contact Robin Bickerstaff at this email link or Sandra Smith at

If you are unable to renew your membership online, please contact either Robin (email link) or Sandra (

If you have left your CWGA club, moved out of state or have decided not to rejoin CWGA please let us know. We hate to see you go, but if you must we ask that you contact so we can remove you from our contact list. If you don't let us know we'll continue to nag you with reminders to renew.

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