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Membership Renewal

  • The regular membership renewal period extends from January 1st until February 28th. During this period dues are $60 and renewal can be done online or by mail.  THIS PERIOD HAS ENDED!

  • A late renewal period begins on March 1st and extends until April 15th. During this period dues are $70, which includes a $10 late fee. Members renewing after the 2017 Membership Handbook has been mailed out will not receive one.

  • After April 15th, membership lapses and one must apply for a new membership, meeting all current qualifications.

Renewal Options:

Online (quicker and more efficient) - click this button to get started Renew Online Now

By Mail (slower and not preferred) - click the following link to get a form to mail in: renewal form

Note that online renewal is done through our tournament registration site, where you will need to log in. Click here to access a help page. If you need additional help send an email to

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