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Why do I need two different login ID/password combinations?

There is members only content on the web site that is just for our members to see. In order to access these pages you need to login with your id and password. The login id for this site is your email address.

Our online tournament registration is on a separate web site that is accessed through the web site. In order to sign up for a tournament online your need to log into this site separately. The login id for this site is your GHIN number (unless you have changed it).

How do I update my contact information?

Once you log in to this web site you can get to your profile info page in one of two ways:

  1. on the main Members Only page click on View profile near the bottom of the page, or
  2. click on your name in the page header near the top right of any page

These both bring you to the Member profile page. Click on the Edit profile button to get into edit mode. Make your changes and save. This is where you need to keep your contact information up to date!

We use the email address in your TPP profile for tournament emails such as pairings and results notifications. If your email address has changed please update your email in TPP as well. We no longer use the address and phone numbers in your TPP profile to contact you.

What do I do if my email address changes?

If your email address changes you just change it in your profile like you do any other contact information. Log in using your old email address, then change it in your profile. You will then use the new email address the next time you log in to access Members Only content on the web site.

And remember that we contact you separately for renewal and tournament entry confirmations so please update your email in TPP Online as well (i.e. Edit Profile in the tournament registration area).

I'm not receiving emails from CWGA any more - how come?

Most of the CWGA emails now come from Add this to your contacts so you will receive our emails. Tournament specific emails, such as pairings and results announcements, come from

How come I can’t see all the options on the main menu at once?

Because of the mobile-friendly design you will see as many options that will fit on your screen. The smaller the screen the fewer tabs you will see. To see the rest click on the “menu” icon on the far right of the main menu ribbon. Why can't I find a page that I know exists? (Hint: try logging in)

It may be a page that is restricted to members only or a sub-group of members such as club reps, board members or scholarship committee members. When you log in the system will recognize your qualification to see restricted pages. If that doesn't work then use the search box at the top of any page or click on site map at the bottom of any page to see all available pages.

What is TPP Online?

TPP Online is the service we use to run our tournaments and it is actually a separate web site that you are directed to from the web site. Our initial "tournament" of the year is Membership Renewal and this is the only tournament you will see from Jan 1 through the end of February. Beginning on March 1 you will be able to see the full CWGA tournament schedule. Entry periods for each tournament are limited and noted on the schedule. We contact you through this site for tournament specific emails, such as confirms, so please keep your email up to date here also.

Where do I go to sign up for a tournament online?

You can sign up for tournaments beginning March 1st each year. Go to the Home page and click on the Online Tournament Registration button or go to the Tournaments page and click on the Register Online button. Most tournaments in the Tournament calendar also have a Register Online button, which can be seen when you click on an specific tournament.

How do I withdraw from a tournament?

If you need to withdraw from an event prior to the registration closing date you can do it yourself online or by contacting the one-day coordinator for the event. To withdraw online login to TPP and select "Events Registered For", then click on the "Withdraw" link to the right side of the event listing. To withdraw after the registration closing date you must contact the one-day coordinator. The name of the one-day coordinator is on the event information page, found by clicking on the event name in the Event Schedule listing. Withdrawals made prior to the closing date are subject to a $5 nonrefundable fee. Withdrawals after the closing date will result in a forfeiture of all entry fees.

How can I see which tournament(s) I've signed up for?

Login to TPP and select "Events Registered For" from the menu on left. Here, you can also see who your partner is in better ball events.

How can I find tournament results?

There will be a link to the tournament results page from the detail page of a tournament on the calendar. Go to the Tournament Calendar page under the main Tournaments tab. Select the tournament you want to see the results for and you’ll see a button for Pairings & Results. The links for info, pairings and results become available closer to the start of our golfing season.

How do I find out information about CWGA scholarships?

Information about the PME/CWGA scholarships can be found under the Juniors tab on the main menu.

Having a problem using the web site with your IPad?

This is a mobile friendly site but selecting a menu item with a sub-menu works a little differently on the IPad. Tap the menu item once to see the sub-menu. Then click on it twice to see the page itself. There is content on each of the main menu pages.

Where can I find a listing of Invitationals and Charity Tournaments?

This listing is shown in two places. First, near the bottom of the home page you'll find the listing in the right-most column under Upcoming Events. There is also a page with the calendar of Invitationals & Charity Tournaments that can be found under the Tournaments tab.

How do I join CWGA?

Go to the Join Us page that details membership requirements that you must meet and has a link to the application. There is a Join Us link in the mini-menu at the top of the Home page, and there's an "Apply for Membership" button under the blue Main Menu ribbon. Depending on the device you are using, the Join Us menu item may be found by clicking on the "menu" icon on the far right of this main menu ribbon as all menu items can not be displayed at once on narrower screens.

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