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Rules of Play


  1. All eligible CWGA members, as of August 1 of the current year, who are members of your club and are interested in participating MUST be invited to play.
  2. All players must have posted at least 5 scores prior to August 1st of the current year from the club they are representing.
  3. If a CWGA player is a member of two or more clubs, she may represent only one of those clubs and MUST BE A FULL PRIVILEGE GOLF MEMBER at that club.


  1. A team must have a minimum of 5 players.  It is recommended that a team consist of at least 8 players.
  2. For each match, a team should be comprised of the FIVE lowest handicap players available.
  3. A team must submit a completed roster designating the 5 players selected to play in each match using the August 1st handicap revision.  In order for a team to be eligible, all matches must have 5 players listed. The team roster must be submitted to the Cup Coordinator by August 10th.
  4. The final roster must list all eligible members who will be available to play for your team.  If a player is not listed on the final roster, she will not be eligible to compete in any match.


  1. A minimum of three players on a team is necessary to play any of the matches during the competition.
  2. If a club cannot field the minimum of three players, the team will be removed from the Cup competition and all previous points, either won or lost, will be cancelled.


  1. Prior to the teams being set for each match, if a captain is unable to field a five player team, she should inform the opposing team captain as soon as possible.  This will result in an individual default.  The remaining players will play in positions 1-4.
  2. On the morning of a match, if an individual default occurs, that player's opponent will sit out the match.  Remaining players do not change position. If given adequate notice, the opposing player(s) need not be present to accept a default.
Penalty: If a player defaults, the defaulting player receives 0 points, her opponent will receive 10 points.  If a second player on the same team defaults on the same day, she will receive 0 points, her opponent will receive 11 points.  If there are an equal number of defaults on both teams, there will be 0 points for each team.


  1. The August 15th indexes will be used throughout the entire Cup Team Matches Competition.  The players may need to be reordered based on the August 15th handicaps.
  2. The MAXIMUM COURSE HANDICAP allowed is 25 regardless of index.
  3. If two or more players on a team have the same index the position to be played will be determined by the differential.  The lowest differential will play in the higher position and so on.  If the differentials are identical, the position to be played will be decided by the team captain. (Refer to your club’s handicap sheets to locate the differential or consult your golf professional).


  • If an incorrect index and/or handicap is used, all points won resulting from the use of the incorrect index or handicap will be forfeited to the opponent
  • If a player plays out of position all points won by that player will be forfeited to her opponent.


  1. The Cup Team Matches Competition is Single Match Play.  Play is in twosomes, no exceptions.
  2. Scoring will be one point per hole.  One point for a win, ½ point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  Total points for the two players in the match must equal 18 points.
  3. 100% handicap will be used.  Handicaps should be calculated using the course slope chart.  Cards should be stroked off the lower player’s handicap. 


  1. Once a match between opponents has begun, the match will continue until the 18 points are decided.  Should opponents quit prematurely, there will be no splitting of points.  If opponent “A” quits before the points are decided and opponent “B” wishes to continue, “A” will forfeit half of the remaining points to “B” and vice versa.   If both players quit, only the points determined through the last hole played will be awarded.
  2. In the event that an accident, illness, injury or family emergency prevents a player from continuing, the following procedure will be followed:
    • If players have completed one or more holes, points earned will be retained and the player who is able to continue play will receive half the remaining points.  The player who is not able to continue play will receive zero points.
    • In the event Captains feel the incident requires other consideration, they are to discuss this with their Cup Coordinator and she will contact the Cup Team Matches Coordinator for a decision.


  1. If a competitor is unable to tee off at her scheduled time, she may play her match at the beginning or end of the field upon prior (the day before) arrangement with her opponent.
  2. If a competitor does not show up for her match due to an accident or other emergency while en route, the points will be split.  The opponent of that defaulting player, will sit out the match.  Remaining players do not change position.
  3. If a competitor does not show up for her match and has not notified her Captain, her opponent will tee off in the final tee time of her group.  If she completes play of two holes before her opponent arrives, an individual default occurs and the match is over.


Captains MUST exchange rosters at the time of the first match and MUST set up each match roster with the approval of the opposing captain.  This is to ensure that correct indexes and handicaps are used that day in accordance with the slope chart at the course being played.


Carts must be used and shared with your opponent.


If a doubt or dispute arises between players, the players shall continue the match without delay.  Any claim, if it is to be considered by the Cup Captains and/or Cup Matches Coordinator, must be made before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground, or in the case of the last hole of the match, before the players in the match leave the putting green.


  1. Only an AUTHORIZED representative of the Club or Pro Shop, at the course to be played, may declare the course unplayable or cancel play due to inclement weather or other unplayable conditions.
  2. If matches are cancelled after play has begun and all teams have completed at least nine holes any points won or lost on those 9 holes will be counted.  If it is not possible to complete nine holes, the scheduled rain date will be used.  If there is no scheduled rain date, the ‘at home’ Captain (in agreement with the other captains) may reschedule the match at her club for another date.  If the Captains cannot reach a decision, that day's matches will be considered cancelled and the scores of previously completed matches will stand.
  3. If it becomes necessary to schedule a second rain date to complete the matches in a Cup, all Captains involved shall decide on a mutually acceptable date and location.  If the Captains cannot reach a decision the scores of previously completed matches will stand.


The use of a multi-functional device for distance measuring purposes is permitted. However, players are advised that the use of such devices (other than for emergency purposes) in their traditional manner (talking, texting, etc.) is discourteous and may be distracting to others.


The winner in each Cup will be the team scoring the highest point total.  In the event of a tie, the points earned in the head-to-head match will determine the winner.  If the teams are still tied, then the points earned against the next highest team will be used, until the tie is broken.


The winning team in each Cup will hold the President’s Cup in their clubhouse for one year.  The Cup will be engraved with the year and name of the club.  Every player who played on the winning team will receive an individual team prize.


 * If a club is submitting 2 teams, the first team should be comprised of the players with the 5 lowest handicap indices assuming each team member commits to play in at least one match for the Cup.  These 5 players will not be allowed to sub on the second team. All other players may compete on either team for up to 5 matches.

** An exception to this rule is being made with respect to all our Cup matches being played at the Hartford Golf Club.  This exception was approved by the CWGA Board at its April 8, 2003 Board Meeting because the Caddy Program at the Hartford Golf Club is unique in terms of availability of experienced caddies.  The Hartford Golf Club has requested that we give consideration to those golfers who may wish to walk and avail themselves of the caddy service. Therefore those twosomes wishing to walk with a caddy when playing a match at the Hartford Golf Club are permitted to do so. This applies only to matches being played at the Hartford Golf Club.

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